Doro - Fight
25. Okt. 2002 Hoehlenrock Balve
concert review

The Balver Hoehle is a very special place, naturally grown a concerthall made from all natural stone with breathtaking acustic effects.

Exactly this Location did the German Metal Queen DORO choose for the recording of her announced DVD. You remember, Doro told us there will be one complete concert from the FIGHT tour.

Balver Höhle - Lineup:
17:00 Uhr Einlass
18:00 - 18:30 Uhr Weak
18:30 – 18:50 Uhr Umbau
18:50 – 19:20 Uhr Sunkin
19:20 – 19:40 Uhr Umbau
19:40 – 20:25 Uhr MESSIAH'S KISS
20:25 – 20:50 Uhr Umbau
20:50 – 21:50 Uhr A X X I S
21:50 – 22:20 Uhr Umbau
22:20 – Ende D O R O

It rained terribly, what was to be sensed also within the cave, for nature rock is not watertight ;o) that the disposition however no discontinuance. Unfortunately we got there a little late, WEAK, already on the stage and the atmosphere was already brilliant. The set change went ahead without much of a fuss and very professional, Sunkin were able to give its best. The boys really warmed the crowd up. Subsequently MESSIAH'S KISS - also a brilliant presentation that entertained the crowd well. The set change that followed for AXXIS took a little longer, there was also more equipment. Slowly I could sense the the nervousness. Doro wasn’t visible at this time. AXXIS gave it their all and the crowd was ecstatic. Then we found out that a visitor had parked a car in a bend at the rear entrance and Doro’s Van was unable to drive up to the back entrance. People had noticed something going on and there was a slight panic and people started running about. The driver of the Motor Vehicle was nowhere to be found. My friend had the idea of pushing the twingo simply to the side. Said, done. 5 Security people towed the car out of the way. Doro in the meantime attended a press conference in her hotel. Quite late already and rather stressed our Queen finally arrived and promptly disappeared again… into her tent. A quick change, Make-up, hair and then what’s this? No electricity … But the team at the hell cave was on the ball and this problem was soon solved. In the meantime the set change for Doro had taken place and the fans again started to take up their places. The Film team seemed calm and professional The 8 cameras were already in place from Messiah’s Kiss. All ready. On the way to the stage, Doro got many good luck wishes and even shook a few hands. A few test notes a deep breath an encouraging nod from Dirk Lehberger (Tour manager) and on to the stage …. The fans screamed enthused and Doro was in her element.

Setlist 25.10.02
Always Live To Win
True As Steel
I Rule The Ruins
Burning The Witches
Save My Soul
Love Me In Black
Für Immer
Fall For Me Again
East Meets West
Drum Solo
Burn It Up
All We Are

Rock Before We Bleed
Legends Never Die
Earthshaker Rock
Constant Danger
Ich will alles
Beyond The Trees

Thank you Doro and thank you to each member of the band, for this exellent unforgettable concert.

Heike aka LadyH